Chronicles of the Zauphrii, Book Series
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Elyon's Barriers, Rescinding Barriers

                                         ELYON'S BARRIERS (Fantasy)-Part One (C)***

On another world prior to earth's existence, an inventor/explorer is obsessed with Elyon's invisible barriers that separate his kind from the two higher species across those barriers. These higher species had chosen sides, as did the angels, in Lucifer's Great Rebellion.  Being separated by Elyon, these populations have lusted in anger for millennia to continue the battle to annihilate each other. Preparations have been made for a future warfare yet to happen. They wait for the time when Elyon will cease the season of separation, rescind the barriers and allow them their hearts desire. This book is the first of the planned four book series of the Chronicles of the Zauphrii. Elyon's Barriers, Rescinding Barriers, Rog's Revenge and Leander, Lord of the Lion Army.

RESCINDING BARRIERS (Fantasy)-Part Two (C) ***

Book two, of the four book series, continues the story of Elyon's Barriers. In this seque
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